Hansa Bergwall, Founder

With over 10 years of experience in public relations, communications and journalism, Hansa Bergwall has a passion for storytelling and earned marketing. When he isn't writing press releases and media plans, Hansa enjoys dance classes, throwing dinner parties, poetry and exploring Brooklyn where he lives with his husband. Some favorite life experiences include hiking in the Andes, publishing a poetry chapbook and circumnavigating the Iberian peninsula in a 1.1 liter Peugeot 105. 

As a former journalist himself, Hansa understands that to get great press coverage, one has to offer a great story, new fact or valuable expertise. He's guided worthy brands and causes to the recognition they deserve. 


Sean Dwyer, PR and Copywriting

Sean is passionate about writing and design. He loves crafting stories and images that connect with people. 

When he’s not working, you'll often find Sean outdoors, hiking, rock climbing, or biking. He’d rather be around a campfire than just about anyplace else. He’s also an artist who works with various media, including sculpture and printmaking.