The Next Big Thing in Natural Foods

In 2015, the pursuit of happiness is coming to the produce aisle.

Remember the last time you had the flu? Beyond the coughing, and sneezing, you likely also felt no desire to do anything. Not to socialize, not to run errands, not to organize the bookshelf by color.

A group of proteins called cytokines causes these major behavioral changes. It’s an adaptation that protects recovering bodies from the natural preference to fill days with meaningful experience.

The cytokine hypothesis, ascribed to by a growing number of psychiatrists, attributes depression to cytokines caused by chronic inflammation.  It suggests diet, exercise and wellness are foundational to any discussion of mental health.

9.1 perecent of Americans suffer from depression. That’s ten times the size of the celiac community. Sale of gluten free products is expected to exceed $15 billion by 2016. A cytokine reduction diet could be ten times the size.

It’s also not a single ingredient banning diet. Foods made without preservatives, additives, added sugar are all potential winners. So are ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties like turmeric.


Hansa BergwallComment