#SadSoda & Anti-Marketing


In natural foods we are all invested in raising awareness about the health risks of highly processed foods. Every person who has ever tweeted #EatRealFoods is grass-roots anti-marketing.

Traditional examples of anti-marketing are much rarer. There have been anti-smoking commercials, and more recently a group of posters by the NYC Dept. of Health deployed against soda—a known public health menace.  While I applaud using public health dollars on an anti-marketing campaign, this soda anti-marketing ad is a missed opportunity.

People don’t drink soda to be thin. They know it might make them fat and they drink it anyway because they would rather be happy. All the top soda advertising, from the nostalgia of Coca Cola’s holiday marketing to Pepsi’s Superbowl half-time sponsorship of pop music reinforces a core happiness message.

It’s also their Achilles heel. Soda’s addictiveness, affect on blood sugar and cytokines links sugary drinks to unhappiness, even depression. Soda makes us sad and that cuts right to heart of their sales.

So if you want to take a swig out of soda, remember that soda leads to sadness and spread the message #SadSoda.

And if you have millions of dollars to spend on public health, get in touch. It would be my dream to help you anti-market the junk out of our diet.

Hansa BergwallComment