Got Specialty Milk?

Moo-ve over milkman. The specialty food industry has discovered more milk-able mammals for the trend that surprised me most at the Summer Fancy Food Expo in New York earlier this summer.

As I walked by the Desert Farms booth, I had to work up the courage to try a cold glass of raw camel milk. I almost held my nose expecting a weird milk experience. My face immediately changed to an expression of pure pleasure. It was the most delicious little glass of milk I’ve ever had tasting like cream and clean grass.

And while it will probably be a while before camel milk is widely available, other non-cow dairy were making a splash at the show. Big Picture Farm’s Raspberry Rhubarb Goat Milk Caramels won the SOFI best new product award at the show—Specialty Food’s highest award. And their Instagram is the cutest source of goat pictures ever. Check it out:

Even for traditional cow’s milk, the specialty food industry is creating attractive alternatives. Maple Hill Creamery has built a brand quickly with grass fed milk products such as yogurt and cheddar cheese. They have even converted dairy farms to the grass fed model by creating a market for grass fed milk products.

The best part about this trend is that to make milk taste better, the animals get cared for better. It turns out happy cows, goats and even camels make better tasting milk.



Hansa BergwallComment